All we have in life is time and how we spend it, and the times best spent are those in the places we love: in the presence of a loved one, arm and arm with friends, or in your own private sanctuary. For many of us, these places are found around a campfire, at a trailhead, or at your favorite campsite. Strata Rigs strives to build a vehicle to make getting to these places easier. To enhance these outings and aid you in making the memories that count.



I had been tutoring all through college to save for the ultimate dream: five months of roadtripping around the west. I was lucky enough to find one particular student of mine that became both my friend and my teacher. I taught him calculus, chemistry, and physics, and he taught me woodworking. By term's end, we had transformed my '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Velma, into the ultimate travel companion and home. My long time girlfriend and now wife, Lex, and I embarked with our dear friend Velma on the adventure of a lifetime. We saw friends and family, toured national parks and scenic byways, and got lost in the backcountry.

This experience birthed in me a passion for this fulfilling lifestyle, and a passion for building the vehicles that take us there.



Post roadtrip, my engineering career took my lovely wife and I to a little mountain town where we settled into a splendid life complete with friends, outdoor access, and good jobs. Some time later, Covid hit the scene and life was transformed. I was layed off from my job designing mechanical systems and wanted to put my hands to work; to invest in something I was passionate about. I started work at a local van upfitting company. I designed and implemented new systems, and was tied into every step of the build. Not long after, my wife and I bought our new van, Beans. I traded my work to the company for their shop, tools, and expertise to help make Beans our new life companion. Months later, we were married and the van was complete. The company had given me more than just a van. They gave me experience and confidence in my craft of building vans, and they gave me a home, a lifestyle, and a passion to share it.



Outside! Don't get me wrong, I love dogs as much as the next guy, but our real best friends are our vehicles. So why not transform and enable them to serve us a more fulfilling life? One in which you can get out of dodge in a moments notice and out to where memories are made. Your drawers are packed, your bed is made, and your stove is ready for the next trailhead tailgate. Let your vehicle serve you, and let Strata Rigs custom build the vehicle of your dreams.